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Friday, August 01, 2008

recent picture

Im really tired i just got off work =P u can see my dark circles in my eyes LOL anyways i think u can see ive lost a bit of weight i cant really reach my arm out far enough to take a body picture

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yep Im still here I think

I been working 2 jobs been really busy not sure if anyone even comes and reads this anymore but well thats ok. Ive lost a lot of weight from stress, not eating, working etc.. i weigh 135 just about 12 pounds more to go till i hit my goal but i might lose more . I started going to the gym again just to do cardio to get rid of the fat. My life is a bit crazy but starting to settle down and become a new normal anyways im missing my kids so bad they are in Oregon visiting family. Its hard to be so far away from them for so long. We found out Jojo is allergic to strawberries aww how sad maybe he will out grow it. Anyways this is it for now

Monday, January 21, 2008

So am back to dieting

Ive been meaning to get on track with dieting for a while now but havent. Seems I maybe 2 days well and then I sabatoge myself. I am determined to lose weight and get where I want to be but sadly after a 25 pound weight gain! Am so sad!

I started back on the south beach diet and im on like day 3 I think =P am not keeping track like i was but that dont mean im not determined =P Anyways one thing about me is once I make my mind up to something I dont usually waver well not for a long time anyways. I have 65 pouns i want to lose I dont really have a target date to be honest so much for the cheatah eating my runner aww he was sooo cute running away..but Im gonna focuse about 6 pounds per month so that puts me out about 11 months from today and yes that cheatah gonna have to wait a bit longer.
Im also changing the name of my blog when i get around to feeling like making graphics =P Gonna be Jamie's Jots as i dont really feel insane right now =P


Monday, November 05, 2007

Hmmm my busy life^^

Kids are in school and life is crazy. As always. Whats new with us? hmm we're buying a house in YV. We are in escrow now. Im kind of excited now but it wasnt the house I wanted =( but..its nice and will work for us. Its a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath but has this huge den that we will use for our boys. As soon as i can get in to clean it I will take a bunch of pictures. The kitchen is small but.. the area for our table is really big. AND man im so excited about this..the whole house is carpeted even the bathrooms!! I will only have to mop the kitchen!! (and remember its small =P) it has a nice fenced in back yard and garden. The garage is detached and has this really cute breezeway between the house and the garage. Nice nice place to drink coffee and relax.

The main reason we are buying is well Jim retires in less than 2 years and we didn't want to worry about a huge move out of housing. And the kids ride the bus 4 hours a day so they really don't have much time during the week just homework, dinner and bedtime when they get home.

School is going well for them they all seem to like it. My days are nice and peaceful with just Jojo here and the occasional sighting of Justin leaving for work. Just got his drivers license and has a car now so i never see him now. He is still working a lot. Not sure if he's moving with us though lol. Im also excited cause this house has 2 fireplaces. Its not our dream home but it will work for us till we know where were going.

Sooo we are packing and putting stuff in storage and getting ready for a move..wow we been here 7 years and have soo much junk. Anyways thats the update. I'll let u know more later

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Busy day for me

Well today Justin got a job at the Chow hall on base. He will be so busy but man good pay..i need to work! And Jason is putting in applications for summer hire at Carls Jr and Subway today. I think im going to have a busy busy summer driving kids to work.

Not much going on other than being a Taxi about 80% of the time.

Jim and I decided to put our kids in Calvary Baptist Church school next year. We are going to be so broke but we are now debt free no car payment no credit cards. And the cool thing is they will be riding the local Morongo Basin Area Transport it will be a LONG ride for them but they will be doing it together so that cool. I will just have one little one home during the day. We will be to broke to go anywhere LOL but wow it will be a nice break for me. We already started putting aside the money as if they are already in school..so we will be well used to the limited budget. Hardest expense right now is the school uniforms because they have to be purchased from www.hallclosetuniforms.com but its neat because you can look up by school and it shows you what they can wear.

Im actually looking forward to them going next year and already have plans to declutter the house while they are in school.

So that is my life in a nutshell right now.



Justin got his permit today! Let me tell u the ride home was quite eventful!! I now know why women get gray hair when they have teenagers..its not from aging..its teaching the kids to drive.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Snakes on a road

We had an interesting visitor the other day. Were still not sure if it was a rattle snake but I took pictures anyways and got the kids all riled up about snaked.

We think he was trying to ride jim's motorcycle as thats where we found him. And some of us thought we heard him say he likes Harleys better anyways as he slithered away.

LOL ok another DORK picture of me!

LOL sigh..such a dork but..here is a serious picture of me LOL

Jason is 16!

March 25th Jason turned 16. We had a simple birthday with just family. Its hard to believe he is 16 now. They grow to fast!


My girls have been making a lot of pancake creations. Here is their most recent one....JELLY FISH PANCAKES.

They also love to make snake eggs..you know the egg that over flowed into the griddle ditch. YEP and everyone wantes a snake egg in this house.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


=P ok i needed a change so here it is!!!